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The company that she signed her name on numerous domestic and international projects;

Needed a lot of product in cold storage on-site is an integrated facility that produces.

Young and dynamic team structure.

Today customers, employees, suppliers, customers and Industry firms whose mission is to fulfill its responsibilities to one of the leading companies in the industry. A pioneer in innovation in the sector so far cooling, low energy consumption, high efficiency, long lasting and eco-friendly products has set the task of presenting. 

Our company is committed to customer satisfaction. Customer testimonials are aware of the best ad production and the quality of its services in this direction have the potential to be among the leading companies in the industry.

Remote monitoring systems also stored in cold stores with products is secured.

REKOS Cooling until it reaches to the end consumer especially in the production of food products from the cooling device for the Cold Chain in the production of cold room panels and doors-assemblies, the production of the container in the cold room, cooling room, and electrical panels electricity Board of industrial plants, and satisfaction of customers abroad and at home continue their success in the future as in the past will provide

Materials, equipment, support 7/24 technical support teams, is central to the solution of the problem. Knowing the importance of storage, smart deals, offering your solution partner.


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