PVC Strip Curtain

PVC Strip Curtain

 The ingredients in our products has been tested and certified for food contact by the FDA. All components Colorite Europe Ltd. are manufactured by. PVC products that are used in food and medical industry content components. PVC strips stamped with the emblem of a certificate of conformity for food contact. This stamp proves that our PVC strip definitely does not contain carcinogenic additives.

* The main doors to the factory
* Entry and exit of personnel at the gates
* The installation at the gates
* In the kitchen door
* In the door of the Paint Shop
* Source and steam in the pane 
* Cold storage and freezing in the entrance of the room 
* Conveyor belt systems


* Manufactured from compressed PVC.
Has rounded edges.
* Partial flexible, good insulation one hundred
percent transparent with the system, durable 
and flame you cannot feed structure
* Requires minimum maintenance.
* Special stainless support ribbon in the evenings
made from galvanized steel or
* Easy and Quick Installation each type door 
system provides

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